Error when trying to open psyexp file when an experiment is already saved to psyexp

Hi, when i begin my experiment save it into a file where I keep all my psycopy data exel files connected to my experiment. I save the title of the experiment in an psyexp file or because my pc copmuter already has that as an option for me so it saves that way automatically. Now hare is my problem, when I go to open the supposed saved file on my pc to continue with the experiment and connect it to data file, the experiment is not saved as a psycopy program. What it is saved as is Adobe Acropat Reader or a py file which neither will open on my pc, as well as my teacher wont accept py files. When I try to open all that comes up is "Adobe Acropat Reader could not open ". When I try to open the .py I what comes up on the screen is “Windows cant open this type of file .py”, try an app on this pc. The psyexp that was saved is nowhere to be found. Now I have no idea what to do, I have spent so much time on this experiment all for this to happen and I have been trying to google on what the problem is and how to fix it but nothing comes up so can some one please HELP ME, this is very urgent.
Thank you in advance

Hi There,

It is possible that you need to change the default programme in which psyexp files are opened. Are you able to open the file from within psychopy itself? rather than directly clicking the experiment file?

Please can you also give us more details on what version of psychopy you are running and what operating system.


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On Windows you can also right click on the .psyexp file and choose PsychoPy in the “Open with…” menu