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Problem opening an experiment

I am having trouble opening an experiment I have in my computer.
So, context.
I had a laptop and used it to create experiments and run them. Everything worked perfectly!
However, I had a problem with the laptop and had to format it. So, when I downloaded the new version of PsychoPy, it won’t open the experiments I had saved.
I remember version I had was 1.90.something… Now it simply won’t open the experiment. Any experiment.
Please help!
I’m using a Windows 10 PC.

Can you give more details? It isn’t obvious to a naïve reader at what stage things go wrong.

Basically, it shows a prompt command window, without anything written in it, then it closes automatically and that is it. Nothing happens.

There’s actually something written. But it’s very fast and I can’t read it.

I got to get a snap of the message it shows.

There are a number of issues raised in that output. You should strata working through them. e.g. the first line indicates that your .psyexp file was created in a newer version of PsychoPy than the one you are using to run it. PsychoPy does its best to be backwards compatible but forward compatibility can require a TARDIS… You can open your .psyexp file in a text editor to see what version of PsychoPy was used to create it.

The last warning might indicate that you might have duplicate variable names in your conditions file.