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Error when downloading the experiment results

Hi all, when I’m trying to download the data from my online experiment, I get the following error:

Does anyone know how to solve this?

This is the link to my repository: Charlotte Pouw / thesis_experiment_new · GitLab

Hello @Emma_B,

The issue here is that your experiment is in Piloting mode and, as a consequence, you have no data in your data/ repository. When you attempted to download your results, the server correctly returned an error that was however not correctly handled by, hence the cryptic message.
I will fix the server to make sure that a more helpful error message is returned.

But certainly, when your experiment is in Piloting mode, your data is not saved on the server, instead it is immediately download in the browser at the end of your Pilot session. Isn’t it what you have experienced?


Hi Alain, thanks for your reply! Yes, that is indeed what happened. I just wanted to be sure that my data will be stored correctly when I start running the experiment.

Hello @Emma_B,

I can confirm that it will be the case. In Running mode, your experiment results will appear in the data/ directory in your GitLab repository if you pick the CSV saving format, or will be stored in the database if you pick the database saving format. In both cases, you will be able to download them from your experiment page by clicking on the [Download Results] button.


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Is there already a data directory in GitLab or will that be made automatically when I start running the experiment?

It should appear automatically. We handle this on our end.