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Not collecting data in PILOT mode

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I am trying to upload a simple experiment (I used the builder) online. Whenever I see the experiment from my Pavlovia account (Pavlovia) and click on PILOT it works fine and directs me to my study online, BUT I have three problems:

(1) When I share the link copied from the Pavlovia website, some people can run it, but other people don’t, also when I use the same link multiple times it stops working.

(2) When I click on “run online” from the builder it opens a website, but shows a message error (see image).

(3) When I select database to store the output data online (instead of cvs), and then I go to download results, it gives me error again (see image).

PLEASE help me, I really want to have this study available online.

I think the issue might be simply that you need to buy credits and go into running mode.

Piloting mode is not designed for you to pass around the URL and collect data. It’s designed just so you can test your experiment works, which is why it’s limited.

If you’re ready to start collecting data then you need to be in RUNNING mode (with credits or a site license)

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I think if you run the experiment from the Pavlovia website by clicking on the Pilot button and then finish the experiment, the data file would be automatically downloaded (see below).


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Related to this, when I run in Pilot mode, the data automatically gets downloaded, but I can’t find them in my Gitlab repository, is this normal? If I change to Running mode, will the data be stored in Gitlab then and not get downloaded automatically?

There is an option from the Pavlovia site of your experiment to save the data in a csv dowloaded or in a database in your online repository, but the database option only works when RUNNING the experiment (not for pilot).

hello @jon !
i understand that the pilot mode is not intended for collecting data, nonetheless i’d like to retrieve it for checking the reaction times and adapt the tempo of my experiment. is it possible?
i completed one pilot session but the results are nowhere to be found and didn’t get downloaded automatically.
the csv file i may download by clicking the button contains the data from aborted tests i run directly on psychopy (before moving to pavlovia).

thanks in advance.

Well normally when you run in PILOT mode and set to get your data in CSV file (not database) the file should download automatically to the downloads file in the computer were the experiment was ran as soon as the experiment is successfully completed.