Data folder not generated (or saved) for online experiments

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: The data folder is not generated when running online experiments. The actual running of the experiment online is working great! From my Pavlovia dashboard, it also appears that there is recognition that experiments are being run e.,g I’ve launched the experiment 5 or so times today and there is a record of that. However, on my end, I can’t see or access the data folder. No data folder is generated on gitlab, and I’m unable to download the results from the Pavlovia dashboard (as there is no record of them). If I run the experiment locally, a data folder is generated, the data saves, and I’m able to push that to gitlab and subsequently download the data from the Pavlovia dashboard. The issue I’m having is in regards to saving data from online studies. Thanks!

How did you activate the study (through PsychoPy builder or through the Pavlovia dashboard)?
If through the dashboard, did you set it to use csv files or database for saving data?

If you go to your dashboard does the experiment have a “download” button and does that work?


Is this an issue with the ssh key? I’m having the same issue both when I try cvs and when I try database. More importantly, can I go ahead and start running my experiment and find a way to download the results later (i.e, are they sure to be saved if not accessible?). I’m running short on time to get the participants.

Nevermind, found the cvs file in the repository even though can’t download it with the button