Issue downloading the experiment results

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Hello! I am trying to download pilot results to test my experiment before it launches. However, now that the consent has been approved by the university, this error keeps popping up when I select download results:

{“origin”:“",“context”:"when getting the results of an experiment”,“pathWithNamespace”:“nichdima/moral_imagination_MVP”,“experiment”:{“gitlabId”:135215,“avatarUrl”:"",“creationDate”:“2021-05-13 05:59:29.969”,“creatorId”:17456,“description”:“moral imagination pilot study”,“gitlabUrl”:“",“license”:{“licenseId”:“9ce9fca0-1db8-11eb-8e01-d05099d383f7”,“approvals”:{"Email with a copy of your IRB-approval letter in order to make your experiment active.”:true},“institutionName”:“The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill”,“expirationDate”:“2021-11-03”,“managerId”:11951,“managerName”:“Manager UNCCH license”,“managerEmail”:“”,“institutionLogo”:“Pavlovia 22:40:44”,“userIds”:[17456],“version”:“6.1.0”,“visibility”:“public”,“keywords”:[“JsPsych”]},“isOwnedByUser”:true,“error”:“error when preparing the result archive, exitStatus: 3072”,“errorCode”:null,“httpStatusCode”:500}

If the error persists, contact Pavlovia’s administrator.

Can anyone help me resolve this? It seems like it was working fine before the protocol was approved for participant RUNNING.

In your gitlab I see a data folder with one file in it, and that doesn’t give any errors (though it also doesn’t contain that much data). data · main · Nich DiMaggio / moral_imagination_MVP · GitLab

BTW, I’d recommend setting your repo to private later on.

Hi Thomas! Thanks for that. I have been using the Pavlovia download results button while testing, and that’s where the error was popping up. But it looks like it is working fine on gitlab so I’ll move forward using that. Thank you for quick reply!

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Happy experimenting!