Dynamic matrix - different values for columns


I’ve noticed that since the launch of Pavlovia surveys the Dynamic Matrix type of question has changed.
This is a positive development given how buggy it was.
I am wondering about whether it is possible to have different values for each column.

For instance, in the below example I want to have different values for each column. For instance:
Activity → cycling, hiking, rowing
Time spent → 1,2,3,4,5
Satisfaction → Not at all, little bit, a lot

At the moment it seems that all columns should have the same values.
If I change one of them using the pencil icon, it will work in the preview only, but not in the live version. Indeed, when I do such changes it doesn’t even let me save (save button is greyed out)

Many thanks in advance for any pointers/advice

P.S. I am also wondering what the Bindings do in the Logic setting of this question type