Status of Pavlovia Surveys


I am wondering if the status of Pavlovia is such that will allow to reliably collect data.
This is because I am thinking whether I should ask users across the School to start using it as their default survey platform.


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For the question types, logic and data saving that works I would go ahead and start using it.

Thanks @wakecarter for the prompt response.

Do we have a list of what is not working or needs fixing?

I am pretty sure I will be asked to provide tutorials and I will need to know where to focus on and what to avoid. I am trying to test every possible feature and find things that do not work (e.g. Dynamic matrix - different values for columns as far as I can see) but any pointers will be appreciated.


To be honest, you are at the forefront of knowing what works and what doesn’t. However, here’s a glimpse of our current feature wishlist which includes items in various states of discussion and resolution.

Why are the Dialog pop-up options grayed out?
Script error on Safari and Firefox
Check whether a .json file is a valid SurveyJS model
File upload and signature options return a Base 64 string value in response rather than actual file
Daisy chaining (using query params)
Multiple-choice matrices do not save any responses
Cannot select dropdown options when survey on phone
Only visible expression values are saved in the data file
Survey Component in Py Builder
Using piped text from typed responses to format text in another question
Rendering on mobile phones (or change font size)
Interaction with Shelf
Please separate all data into separate columns
Shared template experiments not visible until “New Survey” clicked for the first time
Protect Surveys from accidental reverts
Append imported surveys
Surveys “Complete” or “Incomplete” responses should be based on required questions only
Confusing highlighting of checkbox (and radioquestions
“Ranking” response type in survey doesn’t save data to csv
Import from Qualtrics .qsf files
Colour schemes
Missing functions
Other (please specify)
Values vs Value Labels (SPSS data files?)
Institutional logos
Slider responses (where slider has option of no start value)
Controlling scroll functions after input provided (workshop attendee report)
Please change the complete column to mean number of questions completed
What time zone is the response time?
Customise font size
Question answers do not pipe to page prog bar
Suppression of participant completion date (for anonymous responses)
Name and ID columns (are both needed? or can the defaults be more “friendly”)
Should the “Design” tab be the default tab that is opened?
HTML question types with images in them do not render the images
Enable autocompletion of options based on another response
Single input > month automatically adds a year?
How does a survey know if someone has already completed it? (can it?!)
Control of text in warning/thankyou dialogue boxes from surveys launched in pavlovia

Thanks @wakecarter .

The ranking certainly works i.e. data are saved.

That’s really a bummer as I was working on scoring the IPIP today. I managed to save the values eventually but it is not a pretty solution.

That’s something I didn’t notice.

If you have time, can you give more details on this?

Partial responses also are not saved (option “Save partial survey…” in survey settings is not respected)


Ranking saves as a list, e.g. [“3”,“2”,“1”]. I’d prefer to see it save as separate columns

Expressions save if you tell them to.

Simple randomisation is done, but you can’t create a random number

Just keeping bug reporting/feature request in one thread.

I’ve noticed for matrix type of question, when required is toggled, this in general works if no answer is given. If however even a single statement is responded to it then allows Ps to move on.


I’m wondering whether there’s a way to make column headers (e.g. in a multiple choice matrix) scroll so the labels can still be read when respondent scrolls down many rows? Picturing something akin to ‘freeze row’ in excel. So far the hack is to just split into multiple questions so column headers are always visible, but it is a clunkier user experience than I would like.