Single-select matrix has changed!

Hi there,

I am about to make my study live; when previewing the study on the recruitment software I noticed the questions I had designed with a single choice matrix were missing the response buttons below.

I added a new row and this seems to have resolved the issue - but had I not seen this, my study would have been live and participants would not have been able to respond to some questions!

Thus, I am wondering if the changes to the interface can be flagged to those with existing studies as they occur?


Hi. Please could you show a screenshot of the issue?

I know we’ve encountered a bug with the Other please specify response but you seem to be describing something different.

Hi. Below you will see the single-select matrix option has no button below each column number - which it had before. I have not changed anything on my end, the respond option/row simply disappeared on all questions of this type.

Last year I used the same style of question (to allow participants to mark on a line from 1 to 10) with no problems.

I have now gone through each question and added another row which seems to have resolved the issue.

The concerning point is that, only for me previewing today, this issue would have been missed as the study went live.