Data Collection with Single-Choice Matrix

Hi everyone!

I am pretty new to PsychPy and Pavlovia as a whole and am currently working on an online experiment which includes a pavlovia survey. In said survey I am using some Single-Choice Matrixes and now a question arose regarding data collection. When I download the experiment data it seems like my answers in the matrixes are not recorded and I only get empty columns for the overarching questions but not the specific rows of my matrixes. To further visualise it please see the picture below:


The interesting thing is, that when I look at the survey data in the surveys tab, I am able to download a .csv file for each participant which also shows their answer in those missing sub-questions (See below).


Now I wanted to ask if it is possible to get those answers automatically in the experiment data sheet or if this is normal and I have to merge both the survey and experiment files manually. Interestingly this Issue only occurs in matrix questions.

Sorry if this maybe is a rather basic question and already thanks in advance.