Bipolar Matrix Question

Hi folks,
I have a student that is using a bipolar matrix format scale and I’ve can’t seem to get it in the format required. Is there a bipolar matrix type in Pavlovia surveys (I don’t think so)? If not, would anyone have a suggestion as a work around? I’ll drop an image in here of one of the questions. I put a couple of these into Qualtrics and imported the .qsf to see if that might work but it converts it to a single matrix.
Thanks for any support,

Hi Colin. This is on our to-do list but I think the best we can offer at the moment is “rating scale” where you then edit the labels of the extreme values.

Hi Wakefield. Thank you for coming back to me so quickly and thank you for the workaround. I just did a quick test there and it seems to be a good solution (I’ve attached screenshots below in case this helps others).
Thanks again,

Cool. That’s better than what I had in mind – I hadn’t noticed the min/max rate descriptions. Would you say this is equal to a bipolar question?

Yes, it looks like it to me (there might be a label field(s) above the choice numbers in another survey provider - see image). I haven’t tested a response to see what the output data looks like, but on the face of it it looks pretty close to the ones I used before.