Inconsistencies across participant responses (csv files)


I have recently launched a study on Pavlovia. Everything runs smoothly as planned.
However, when reviewing participants’ responses (csv sheets) generated via Pavlovia I have noticed that there are slight differences across some of the sheets in regards to the position of certain columns. i.e. response times for Participant 1 could be located in column no.3 but for Participant 2 it may be in column no.6. The number of columns is constant across all the sheets. I cannot see any pattern or what could be causing this. At the moment I have 20 response sheets and 4 (slightly) different formats. All the information is there however it will be somewhat problematic having to clean up this data. I have not done any updates since launching the experiment. It was created in the Builder using the most recent version.
I was wondering whether anyone has experienced anything of this sort?
Many thanks,

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