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Can't sync my experiment from Pavlovia to the Builder

If you create a new experiment (very simple) and sync it then does that work for you?

Like from scratch?
Build it in the builder view, then sync it to Pavlovia?

I think i can do that.

Yes, just a very simple one to check you can sync and run something online

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Hi. I created this memory recognition task:

But I receive error 403 when running it online. I tried the strategies in the related discussion threads but inactivating the experiment didn’t work. But the one that i forked from your experiment? That does work. so I don’t think running it online is the problem here.


Something must be wrong with the way you are syncing / using experiments. The one you forked works because it already works.

Are you saving them on a cloud storage drive?

If you want to just get it running then add me as a developer, unprotect the master branch and send me the updated psyexp file.

a cloud storage drive? No.

I did. But how can i unprotect the master branch?
here you are:
self-paced-reading.psyexp (29.8 KB) (27.5 KB)

Thank you! :seedling:

To allow Developers to make changes, the Maintainer should go to Settings - Repository - Protected Branches and allow Developers and Maintainers to push and merge.


Try it now. I’ve updated your online version

It’s perfectly working. How did you do it? Thank you, thank you very much.
I could not have done it without you.

Just one thing I noticed in the excel file:
Well typically, sentences are 10-12 word long, but

for the ones that are like 17 words long, longer sentences, the RT is registered at the other side of the excel, waaay to the right.
I wonder if you know the reason for that. The reason behind reading times not being recorded at one place together…

This is because the columns are created as the experiment goes along. In this case the first sentence had 14 words so times for words over 14 appear to the right. If the first sentence had had 18 words then then would all be in the same place.

I don’t normally worry about this now because I use database saving. Try again now. I’ve added a fix for you.

Hi. Thank you :heart_eyes:

Just another thing @wakecarter. I just remembered that i don’t have an instruction routine. Is it okay for you that I edit it again and send it to you? so that you could sync it maybe?

ps: I will send a pdf for participants before the experiment, but I think having instructions is actually good for the face value of it.


Sure but make sure you start from the most up to date psyexp file.

You could also use my study portal for this.

Sure, thank you. your study portal?

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Dear @wakecarter, hi
I consulted with some friends and they all preferred the central mode of presentation (thank you for designing it), so I finally wrote the instruction.
I was wondering if you could kindly sync this file to Pavlovia. I still have problems for that. And that would be the last thing I’ll be asking you :crossed_fingers:
thank you genuinely in advance.

self-paced-reading.psyexp (33.5 KB) (27.5 KB)

I’ve just synced this and changed a spelling mistake in your Excel files (rub = rob).

Thank you very much Wakefield; for your critical eye and everything :heart_eyes: :herb:

there’s one problem though, the instruction’s color is in white, hence illegible.


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It works perfectly fine. Thank you. I could not have done this without you.
I owe you one.

All the best,