Psychopy (builder) no longer syncing with Pavlovia

Description of the problem:

For the past few weeks I have been using the builder to create my experiment. Finally got it uploaded to Pavlovia and worked out all of the errors that came up with that process (just with the auto convert to JS).

It was working absolutely fine… Until I had to make some changes to my experiment in builder. I changed a couple of instructions and added a few more instruction routines, tried to sync it to Pavlovia and Psychopy kept on freezing. Every. Single. Time.

The updated file no longer syncs and uploads to Pavlovia. I tried a few things that I found on the forum, but also didn’t understand a lot of them (mainly regarding using HTML or SSH?). I ended up deleting the project of Pavlovia and tried:

  1. Reuploading it as a new project - that didn’t work
  2. Duplicating the folder on my desktop and creating a new project that - that also didn’t work, kept on freezing in builder after pressing sync
  3. I have even tried creating the experiment from scratch and syncing to pavlovia after every every routine. It was going fine… until it stopped working and froze again when trying to sync.

Very frustrating as I don’t know what I have done for this to happen. I haven’t updated Psychopy (that I know of) since downloading it.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Lauren

An update:

With my third option of creating a whole new psychopy builder file and recoding the whole thing again -

I noticed that it stopped syncing when I thought I would be clever by copying the routines from my old/original experiment into the new one I was creating so that it wouldn’t take as long. As soon as I did this, it stopped syncing again…

Is it possible that the file of the old one was corrupted in some way, or something like that? I have no idea how this stuff works so it’s just me guessing at reasons.
As far as I am aware, the only things I changed on the original before it stopped syncing was that I added some code components, and added some new routines with text components and some image components.

Hey @Lauren_Louise, sorry to hear that syncing with Pavlovia is giving you problems. Maybe there is something that needs fixing on our end! Would it be possible to share your .psyexp or project folder so that I can investigate further? Here to help, s.

Hi sotiri,

I ended up recoding the experiment from scratch (not efficient at all but I’m on a tight timeline to finish coding my experiment)! I’m happy to still send through my original .psyexp and project folder if you still want to have a look through it?

I found that if I copied routines over from the original (not working) .psyexp to my new (now working) .psyexp, it stopped syncing. As soon as I removed those routines though, it was syncing fine again.

Let me know, and thanks for your assistance!

Ah cool, sounds like you have more urgent and important things to be taking care of at the moment, but yes please, if you ever get a chance to send me that original .psyexp, that would really helpful! Thanks very much, best of luck with your study :blush:

No worries, it shouldn’t take too long to send through! How should I send you all the files?

Also a quick question… I’ve just synced my final experiment and there are 52 resources that need to download before it begins. Majority of them are excel files for my different blocks… do you know of anyway to reduce this amount so that the time participants are waiting for it to load isn’t as long?


OK great, you could zip up .psyexp and resources together, but that might be too heavy for Discourse to handle, in which case just the .psyexp would do. I will then try to sync with Pavlovia and see what the problem is.

To answer you other question, if you’re wondering whether multiple .xlsx files can be collapsed into a single resource, but independently read in, that does seem logical, but my understanding of PsychoPy is limited in that regard. I would start a separate thread in case someone has any proper insights to share? x