PsychoPy Experiment returns a blank screen when uploaded to Pavlovia

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
Experiment runs perfectly on PsychoPy on my laptop, but as soon as I upload it to Pavlovia its just a blank screen, I’ve activated the experiment on my dashboard but still nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

one can access the experiment when the last forward slash “/” is deleted from the link. The error message is

So, you stimulus list can’t be found. So, go to the loop where you specify the stimulus file and change the absolute path name to a relative path name. If the file “stimulus list.xlxs” is in the same directory as your experiment, just select it.

BTW, I would avoid spaces in file- and directory names. You never know how another computer’s OS will interpret the space.

Best wishes Jens

Thank you, that is very helpful. Not sure how to change the path to a relative path, I selected it in the loop but I still get the same error message.


do you mind posting a screenshot of your loop showing the path of your stimulus file?

Best wishes Jens

Here’s the screenshot, I’m new to psychopy so I’m not sure half of what I’m doing. Thanks for the help!


the condition file for the loop is called stimulus.xlsx but the error message refers to a file stimulus list.xlsx. Any ideas why there is this discrepancies?

There is a folder called index.html. This should actually be a file and not a folder. So do you mind posting a screen shot of Experiment properties - Online?

What happens if you delete the folder index.html and resync. Is the folder index.html recreated or is there now a file called index.html?

Best wishes Jens

I deleted the index.html folder and ran it again, and now it works! Thanks a lot for the help, it was much appreciated!