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Cannot download data from database/no data folder in gitlab

URL of experiment:
Sequence1 [PsychoPy] (I think this is the URL, a URL is not generated for the experiment in the Dashboard)
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Description of the problem:
I am having difficulty downloading data using the database function in Pavlovia. I get the following error message:

I have followed the instructions provided here: Creating online experiments from Builder — PsychoPy v2021.2
and here: Using — PsychoPy v2021.2

So I think I have created the experiment in Pavlovia correctly. The experiment runs correctly and upon completion of the experiment, I see a message stating the data has been saved.

I should note that I cannot seem to add a data folder to the gitlab repository. I have a data folder in the local folder that was used to create the online experiment, but I cannot seem to add it to gitlab. The local folder structure looks like this:

I think this is the primary issue. I tried syncing the experiment again and the folder is not added. I also tried to permanently delete the entire experiment and then recreate the experiment on Pavlovia, and the same issue occurs. This is what I see in gitlab:

Anyone have any suggestions or tips that might help solve this issue?

If you set the project to use database instead of csv files for storing data then it is correct that it won’t appear in a data folder in the project. Also, adding a folder to a git project won’t be included if there are no files within it, which might explain why you aren’t seeing that upload from the PsychoPy end?

But the key question is why the download didn’t work from the pavlovia interface. I’ll pass it on to the devs to check

Hello @ted,

I have just added myself to your experiment and could download the results without problem. It was perhaps a temporary glitch. Would you like to give it another try? I can confirm that your data was adequately saved.



Thanks for the quick response. It must have been a glitch because I am now able to download a zip file with data. Thanks again for checking into this!