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Can not activate experiment after deactivation


I’ve been having trouble activating my experiments on pavlovia. When I pressed the “Activate” button on the dashboard page, I received an error that read: says
{“origin”:“",“projectId”:2652,“experimentFullPath”:“kevinhroberts/x”,“context”:"when activating, deactivating or updating an experiment”,“error”:“unable to clone project from GitLab repository: [Errno 2] No such file or directory”,“projectName”:“x”}

These are the steps I followed to encounter the error:

  1. I generated the HTML/JS manually from builder.
  2. I manually committed the project to gitlab using the command line, since PsychoPy (v3.0.0b12) seems to crash every time I try to commit the project through PsychoPy.
  3. I activated and launched the experiment from the pavlovia dashboard.
  4. I deactivated the experiment.
  5. I tried activating it again, and it produced the error message above.

I suspect any time I deactivate and try to reactivate a project, I will encounter this message.
To confirm, I just tried this with a previously working project that was simply the online version of the stroop task included with PsychoPy demos. I could deactivate it, but reactivation gave me the same error as above, except that it indicated the stroop project name (stroop2) instead of the other project’s name (x).

I am using Chrome in case that is relevant.


I think the sync problems with PsychoPy are now fixed (3.0.0 just released). The one thing I haven’t handled yet is if you have a merge conflict due to changes on two computers but otherwise I think we’re successfully handling most issues.

And I just successfully deactivated and reactivated a study on the Pavlovia dashboard.

So hopefully these are now fixed but let us know if either are still a problem.