Calibration screen

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Hey @wakecarter

i was trying to work on your experiment to get dimension for scaling target size for my experiment.

when i am adding your code at the beginning of experiment it is working where i do not need, when i am putting code in between then it is not working.

It is not giving any error message. Do you have any suggestion or opinion as

Your program is running completely in alone.

Do you have any suggestions.

Thank You

Hello @wakecarter

I was just doing some trial and error and realized that when i am adding “screen_scale” routine in between (as required in my experiment) other routine, program is not going there.

I also added code component at the beginning of my program, only begine experiment part, still not doing.

Any suggestion…

Thank You

Sorry but I’ve got too much else on my plate at the moment to think about this at the moment. It might be that some code needs to come in the first routine and other bits can come where you want the screen scale code.