How to use screen scale routine

Hello, I’m trying to build an online experiment and I need to adjust the resolution for every participant individually. I’m using screen scale routine (this one: Pavlovia), but the resolution doesn’t seem to change after this routine. I’ve tried inserting code component in other routine which contains an image (the code is: expInfo[‘Window_size’] = [x_scale, y_scale]), but the image size is not changing. I suppose I’m doing something wrong, how could this be solved?

The size of your components should be (desired width in cm x x_scale, desired height in cm x y_scale)

Thank you for your answer! I’ve tried applying this, but the image was really tiny. I did as following:

What am I doing wrong?

You can’t use cm units online.

Change the units to whatever you used for screenscale

How to choose units used for screenscale? I opened the original screen scale routine and it displayed pix units per cm, but when I insert screenscale to my own experiment, it displays height units per cm, although I don’t use height units anywhere in my experiment. I don’t really get what determines the choice of the units

Just choose “from exp settings” which you set from Experiment Settings / Screen

Thank you! Sorry for stupid questions, I get it now :grin:

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