Screen Scale Problem

Description of the problem: TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting ‘zIndex’)

I added screen scale experiment (Wakefield Morys-Carter / ScreenScale · GitLab) in my experiment. The code is working. After the scale arrangement, I presented pictures with an attention task. And I also arranged pictures of the scale, like this:

size: $(9.4 * x_scale, 7.2 * y_scale)
position: $(0 * x_scale, cue_pos * y_scale)

When the presentiton of pictures started I was getting this Error: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting ‘zIndex’).

I guess this problem caused by
position: $(0 * x_scale, cue_pos * y_scale).

I indicated “cue position” in the excel file . I guess, code is not reading this code because it is not an integer.

What should I do?

Thank in advance

And I also check and compared online and offline version of experiment. The image size is not same. In offline experiment, I used “cm” size. For online exp, the height units image size are very big compared to cm-offline image size.

Have you any experience with it?

I solved this problem by changing parentheses. Like this: $[0 * x_scale, cue_pos * y_scale]

@wakecarter indicated the previous posts: Screen scale for builder

However, I wonder why the image size is not matched in offline and online studies even though I use the screen scale?

Thank in advance

Have you checked which is actually correct (with a ruler). If you are using cm units offline but your monitor definition is wrong, then the size will be wrong.