Problem with screen scale

Hi the experiment was unable to run after including screen scale. Does anyone able to solve this problem? Thank you very much!!!

Did you get an error message? I assume you are running this locally

What version of PsychoPy are you using? is still in version 2020.2.10 and make therefore need some tweaks to work in 2021.2.3.

I am using the latest version

Note: Dynamic code seems intended but updating is “constant”:
“(x_sizex_scale,y_sizey_scale)”, in Routine screen_scale (ccimage: Size)
Alert 3115:Your stimulus stop time of 0.175 seconds cannot be accurately presented for 0.175 on a 60Hz monitor.

This is a warning but reflects my intention to set some component parameters in a Begin Experiment code tab.

Is the alert about a duration in seconds from screenscale?

Nope… this is the duration alert from target stimulus

This text is from the alerts. What is in the Stdout?