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Fix window size (for different screens)

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Description of the problem:
I have an experiment running on Pavlovia.
It encompasses a reading test. It is therefore essential that font size is the same regardless of screen size.
I tried setting the window size by de-flagging full screen and manually setting width and height pixels. Now, instead of full screen the experiment appear inside the browser window; but the size of the components’ elements does not change.
Any clue if it’s possible to set window size (preferably while keeping full screen) so that the elements displayed have a fixed size?

Thank you!

By fixed font size do you mean in terms of cm? If so, you will need to calculate a scaling factor based on information from your participants. Look for my public experiment Screen Scale which you can use. The participants resize an image of a credit card to match a real one.

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Thank you @wakecarter, I’m afraid this solution is not feasible for our study.
Our subjects are children we recruit through clinical practice.

Thank you anyway