Best way to assign a subject ID that is unique but easy to type & remember in Pavlovia Surveys

Hello everyone, I am a complete beginner to the world of Pavlovia so my apologies if I missed something but I am really stuck.

Here is what I want to do and I am wondering is the best way to approach this:

  1. Use Pavlovia Surveys to welcome participants from prolific (i.e. get their prolific ID & consent etc.)
  2. Assign a unique but simple subject ID (e.g. ABC123) that participants can type in somewhere else where they actually complete the experiment.

Is that possible within Surveys? How can I make sure that the ID is really unique? I know a way how do this in JATOS but no idea here.

My super complicated idea, which I currently don’t know how to implement myself is to create a custom webpage that take the prolific link e.g. and add another parameter like participant that is chosen from a list that I provided and a value can only be chosen once. Then this participant is added to the actual link to the survey but I guess this would be the JATOS way of things and needs a server, which seems overkill. There must be a simple option.

Edit: The only other non-technical solution would be to let participants choose themselves like the first letter of a person they know + the second letter in their name + the current minutes. Does anyone has experience with this? Especially while also respecting ethics rules with regard to handling personally identifiable information.

I’ve already written this and it’s super easy to use.