Making participants aware of their ID

URL of experiment: Pavlovia Survey 2024.1.0

Description of the problem: I’m trying to link my survey to an experiment afterwards. However, when the experiment starts, you are asked to enter an ID. Is there any way to tell the participant what their ID is or generate one for them that they can see so they can manually enter it into the experiment? I have tried the moryscarter link; however, you still need to enter a participant ID when the experiment starts up. Any help is appreciated!

I’ve just updated to work with Pavlovia Surveys

The URL should look like this:

Use {participant} to dispay the value of participant.

I appreciate your help. I have used the link “” + {participant}, which brings me to the experiment, but then I am asked to enter participant ID.

Are you trying to run an experiment or a survey? Your first link was to a Pavlovia Survey. Your second link seems to suggest an experiment with a pre-existing value for participant from a survey

Sorry for any confusion. I am trying to link a survey to an experiment on Pavlovia, so you are brought straight to the experiment after the survey.

Nowadays I would tend to use a survey component to embed the survey but if you want to daisy chain then you should use my tool to launch the survey (with the URL I gacve you) but then daisy chain direct to the experiment from it – don’t go back to the tool to get another participant number.

I would have loved to implement a survey within pyschopy, but I couldn’t get the experiment to work, so I’m using a forked version. I’m not sure what you mean by Daisy Chain directly to the experiment from the survey. Do you mean cutting out {participant}?

Try $''+{participant} Where does 360792 come from?

That link still prompts me to fill in the participant ID. The 360792 is the GitlabID of the experiment as it has no survey id

Please post exactly what you have in the Completion URL on your survey page and the address you get sent to at the end of a survey launched with this link:

Thank you for helping me out with this. In the completion URL, I have $''+{participant}, which sends you to when you complete the survey.

Try ''+{participant} (i.e. remove the dollar)

For some reason, it’s still asking for a participant ID when I enter the experiment. However, clicking on the link brought me to the experiment start-up page without asking for the participant ID. It seems to be something about putting it in the completion URL, perhaps.

It’s actually just stopped working completely now as I realised I had the plain experiment link: ANT [PsychoPy] in the navigation URL for completing the survey in the survey design section. Now, when I try to use the completion URL, neither with nor without a $ will load anything.

Please create a new minimal survey that we can test. I’m reluctant to go through your current survey with so many required questions.

Thanks a mill, I’ve made a short version: Pavlovia Survey 2024.1.0

That’s taking me through to which I think may be the behaviour if you include the $ in the completion URL. Is that correct?

That’s working now without the $ thank you! The only problem is that they aren’t given an ID. They are merely called PARTICIPANT. If there’s no way around this, I can just match up results by times, but if there is a way to fix that, that would be great.

Now try launching your test survey from my participant tool

When using that link “”+{particpant} it works as it does not let you enter a participant number however no participant ID is saved to link the two aspects.

and the response ID does not correspond to anything in the experiment output files.