Pavlovia Surveys daisy chaining with Prolific


I have an experiment which starts with a Pavlovia Survey and then after the survey comes the actual experiment on Pavlovia. I am recruiting via Prolific, so I would need to give the participants a link to Pavlovia Surveys in Prolific and save the Prolific-IDs in the survey data so I can combine the survey data with the experiment data afterwards. Does it work similarly than with the experiments? So, do you think this following link will work and save the participant’s Prolific-ID to the survey datafile: Pavlovia Survey}&study_id={{%STUDY_ID%}}&session={{%session%}}
After the survey, the participants will be redirected to do the actual experiment and then back to Prolific. So, can I put this link as a completion URL of the survey:{{%PROLIFIC_PID%}}&study_id={{%STUDY_ID%}}&session={{%SESSION_ID%}} ?

Sorry, here is the first link again in a correct form:

Pavlovia Survey ?participant={{%PROLIFIC_PID%}}&study_id={{%STUDY_ID%}}&session={{%session%}}

So, do you think this will work and automatically save the prolific-id in the survey data?