Linking Pavlovia only to Qualtrics and generate participant ID

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Hi, I was wondering whether it is possible to only link pavlovia and qualtrics while still generating a participant ID. I’ve been using the guide at: Sona -> Qualtrics -> Pavlovia -> back - Google Docs but I realised linking my experiment to Sona will greatly reduce my sample size as it is department restricted at my university.

I have found this guide but I just want to make sure that I haven’t misunderstood anything. What would the right link be? When using this link
would duncan1 from my link replace the a in folder=a, and honoursprojectak the b in experiment=b? Do I just add the &id=c&researcher=d as it is?

Ideally, I would want a way to give the participant an ID when they start Qualtrics and then this ID would carry over to Pavlovia. The experiment finishes with Pavlovia, so the participant does not return to Qualtrics afterwards. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Yes, that’s correct

Hi! I have tried this with and without the / at the end but the link doesn’t work either way. Do I need to define id and researcher somehow in my code? Thank you!

For my study the link is

To send over data from qualtrics I had to add embedded data for Participant ID in qualtrics (which i assume you knw how to do?) and then add this to my url using:

I also had to tell pavlovia that it was embedded info using:


So my final link looks like:${e://Field/ParticipantID?format=urlencode}

Also you need to make sure you have ParticipantID as a field in your experiment info box.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

You are putting the / in the wrong place. Try


However, your project needs to be set to running for this to work

Personally I would recommend using the default participant instead of ParticipantID