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Recruiting participants through Prolific with each participant assigned a specific condition

Dear all,

Here’s my issue: I plan to run my experiment in Pavlovia and recruit participants through Prolific.
In my experiment, each participant will be assigned a specific condition (there are separate conditions file for participants). In the pilot mode, I need to fill in a number from 1 to 64 to select the condition file for a particular participant.

I’m about to run my study now. The expected procedure is that the Prolific will link the participant to Qualtrics for consent form, and then the participant will be directed to the Pavlovia experiment. Afterward, they will be linked to another Qualtrics site for the debrief form. Finally, participants will be directed back to Prolific to enter a completion code.

I’m aware that there’s a 24-digits Prolific ID, so: (1) Do I have to put the Prolific ID in Pavlovia experiment or solely put it in Qualtrics is fine? (2) If putting the Prolific ID in Pavlovia is necessary, then how should I assign the condition to participants since there could only be 1 Participant ID box to fill.

Hope to see some responses soon. Thank you in advance.

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You should be able to carry an embedded variable from Prolific to Qualtrics to Pavlovia to Qualtrics to Prolific without the participant having to type a code at all. Please check my crib sheet (pinned post) for ideas about how to do this and then ask again for details.

Hi wakecarter,

Thanks for your quick reply. The link is amazing.
I’ve seen your vespr web app and i think that it’ll work well for my study. I’m currently using the condition = int(expInfo[‘participant’]) code for my pilot study and everything works fine. So just to confirm, when I’m running the experiment, I could direct the link from Qualtrics to Pavlovia using the given morycarter link as experiment URL and everything should work fine right?
Correct me if i’m wrong. In this case, I suppose that i’ll have to generate participant ID in Qualtrics for each participant along with their Prolific ID.

Again, thanks for your reply.

You could use Qualtrics to generate a random participant ID or use my web app to generate a consecutive ID. Anything in the expInfo dialogue box should be settable via the URL and sendable via the completed URL.

Hi wakecarter, sorry to bother you again. I’ve some questions:
I intend to use your vespr app but I also want to carry participant’s Prolific ID from Qualtrics to Pavlovia to Qualtrics… to track participant progress.
I’m thinking of embedding participant Prolific ID to the session variable. Does your app allow me to do this?
I imagine the link would be something like this, but not entirely sure:${e://Field/PROLIFIC_PID}

Another thing is that is there any way to reset the ID counting? I want to test whether the whole experiment works perfectly before publishing it by running it once or twice beforehand.

Hope for your response.

I’ve just added session as a parameter that will be passed through to the experiment.

To reset the ID you’ll need to ask me to clear out the database manually – tell me your values for folder and experiment when you ask. I don’t intend to allow this to be done remotely since there’s no real reason to reset the ID apart from tidiness, but it would be bad if the ID got reset when the researcher didn’t want it to – resulting in duplicate participant numbers.

Best wishes,