Authentication error: unauthorised access to GITLab API resource

Ever since the incident pavlovia had, I have been getting this message “Authentication error: unauthorised access to GITLab API resource”. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Maybe this post has useful info? Authentication failed when syncing via the command prompt

Sadly, this wasn’t very effective as the continue still persists for me
This is the full description of the problem:
“origin”: “”,
“context”: “when getting the experiment information available to the (authenticated) user”,
“pathWithNamespace”: “Qil_qils/the-weight-implicit-association-test-malaysia”,
“error”: “authentication error: Unauthorised access to a GitLab API resource”,
“errorCode”: null,
“httpStatusCode”: 401

Check. What exactly are you trying to accomplish when you get this error message?

This occurs when I try to log in directly to my dashboard and the error message shows up. I have attempted to change my password but never received the email to do so

As with nearly all the authorisation issues (since the fire) this is most likely a matter that you created your account in Jan/Feb, so it does not exist on Pavlovia, only on That’s being fixed this morning in the final merge and restart. By this afternoon you should be fine

I am having the same exact issue. It says my username is invalid upon login.

Hi @Ivana, here are some tips that might help: try to clear your browser cache. If that doesn’t help, try requesting a new password via e-mail.

Thanks Thomas, solved by password change!

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