Errors logging into Pavlovia

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
Hi, since the 13th of January (13/1/2021) I havent been able to login to my account. Whenever I try to login im met with this issue:

“origin”: “ 1”,
“context”: “when getting the experiment information available to the (authenticated) user”,
“pathWithNamespace”: “Qil_qils/the-weight-implicit-association-test-malaysia”,
“error”: “authentication error: Unauthorised access to a GitLab API resource”,
“errorCode”: null,
“httpStatusCode”: 401

I have tried to change my password but I am not receiving the email to do so. I also cannot find another post with a similar issue, please help.

It seems the same issue with the same experiment has been posted in another thread by @Aqil_Azahari. To find out what’s going wrong exactly, I asked for some information in that thread. Authentication error: unauthorised access to GITLab API resource