Can't open my Dashboard after merging

Unfortunately, I can’t open neither Explore nor Dashboard (as well as all experiments’ links) after merging.

authentication error: Unauthorised access to a GitLab API resource
Full description:
“origin”: “”,
“context”: “when getting the designer information corresponding to the oauth token”,
“error”: “authentication error: Unauthorised access to a GitLab API resource”,
“errorCode”: null,
“httpStatusCode”: 401

I cleared my browser cache and it didn’t help.
I signed in, it’s ok - all experiments (old and new) are there.
Two days ago I started data collecting, so I already have a new account (because my old account disappeared after the server died).

Could you please tell me how can I solve the problem?
My username is: a.malyshevskaya
Thank you!

This is how it looks like (screenshot):
Screenshot 2021-03-26 at 09.56.34|689x390

Hello @Hela ,

Could you perhaps empty your cache and give it another go? I have just impersonated you and could log in without difficulties.


@apitiot, I did it again… and now it works :slight_smile: thank you!

You are most welcome!