Anaconda Installation Not Working

Hi Folks,

Apologies for starting a second thread for the same issue, but I’m getting a bit desperate and am hoping to get some more eyes on the post. I have failed to get PsychoPy running on two different OSes using four different versions (you can read my tale of woe below) The current attempt to get it to run on Windows 10 in Anaconda is my last hope, so it’d be great if somebody could help me address this. As always, thanks very much!

For several years I used PsychoPy on a Mac for stimulus control, but the triple-buffering issue motivated me to switch to Linux. Unfortunately, I had issues with PsychoPy on Ubuntu that I was never able to resolve and so decided to convert my linux box to a Windows machine. My first attempt at running the newest version on windows was also unsuccessful as I kept running into the unresolved issues discussed here and here. I had no choice but to install an older 2020 version to get the software to run. But now, I’m running into what I believe is a known issue in the 2020 version. The obvious fix would be to run the newest version, but…see above. So I decided to try installing through Anaconda. At first I was met with several error messages. But after downgrading pyglet to an older version and adding libclasses, I no longer see any error messages when starting PsychoPy. Unfortunately, I also don’t see PsychoPy. It seems to start normally and displays the splash screen and a few other screens in the background. But when the splash screen disappears, so does everything else and I never get the Builder GUI.