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Conda installation

I saw other guys who have the same problem, i.e install psychopy with anaconda.
I followed these guidelines: -> Anaconda and miniconda installation.
There were a lot of errors.
I work with windows 7.
Is there any solution to work with psychopy 3.1 running with python 3.5 (i use other module which work with python 3.5 and above).

Hi @jeanJ, could you show what errors you received when installing PsychoPy with Conda?

Sorry for my late response.
The errors are:
PackagesNotFoundError: the following packages are not available from current channels:
pysoundfile -> libsndfile
pysoundfile -> libgcc-ng[version=’>=7.3.0’]

i try to install the next package with pip: pip install zmq json-tricks pyparallel sounddevice pygame pysoundcard psychopy_ext psychopy

…And there are errors too (see below)
Any idea to solve the problem in order to install psychopy with conda?

Errors with pip command:
Building wheels for collected packages: pyWinhook
Building wheel for pyWinhook ( started
Building wheel for pyWinhook ( finished with status ‘error’
Running clean for pyWinhook
Failed to build pyWinhook
Installing collected packages: pyWinhook, psychopy
Running install for pyWinhook: started
Running install for pyWinhook: finished with status ‘error’

Hi @jeanJ, the issue was raised on GitHub but solved by downloading the correct pyWinHook for your version of Python. I think the PyWinHook wheels are only supported with Python 2.7, 3.6 and 3.7 (64bit) (

I indeed realized that i used a 32 bit processor so i have i have to find an other solution. I need python 3.5 or higher, any suggestion?

There is a 32bit Python 2.7 version available in the GitHub link I posted. Alternatively, you could try the standalone version of PsychoPy.

Thanks to this thread I was able to successfully install Psychopy with conda. I was misled by the instructions here:

In those instructions, Python 3.5 is recommended, which results in the pyWinhook build failure! Perhaps those instructions could be changed? Creating a Python 3.6 environment makes everything work smoothly.

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Thanks Kevin, have suggested an edit to those docs here:

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