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Description of the problem: I was wondering if I could ask your help. I do not know how to read codes to understand the problem on my online experiment. When I look at the result file, I can see that in some data there is an extra blank excel file along with GZ file and an excel file that consists of the result. However, I needed to remove participants who have either started the experiment initially and got kicked out (ie. due to internet/or browser etc) or have done the experiment twice. I am not sure if this is what the additional blank excel mean in some participants, if it means they have done the experiment and got kicked out. What does the additional blank excel
file mean in a result? Why there is a blank excel file along with the excel file with result and gz file in some participants but not in others? Hope to hear from you!

If you’re saving partial data then you might get an additional blank file if the participant reloads the page before reaching the first routine that saves data.

Thank you for getting back to me. Can I clarify this means that they have already done the experiment first time (they are actually half-way a trial) and the page reloads? Or does the blank excel file means the experiment reloaded even before they started the experiment (did any trial?) Thank you.

Before they’ve done any trials (but they might have seen some instructions)

There is really no way I could find out until when they have seen in the experiment right? Thank you

The accompanying log file (gz compressed) will tell you this. If there’s no log file then then probably means they were still at the start dialogue box

Ahh thank you for explaining this -yes so usually the type of data file i have are the following: (a) additional excel file with nothing on it, (b) an excel file with the result in it (c) a gz file. However, I am not sure if the gz is for which excel file, what is a gz anyway? Would I be able to read it sir? Thank you really for explaining this.

It seems like there is no log file associated with the blank excel file, can I clarify this means that they have not started the experiment and the page reloaded (when they were about to start the experiment, whilst inputting their participant ID/age/gender, before any experiment instructions?)

Yes (to the best of my knowledge)

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