URL of experiment: PJTExperiment X (LATEST VERSION) [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:

Hi. I’m very sorry, I posted something similar to this around a month ago but thought I had solved it. Turns out, I haven’t. I am bewildered as to how complicated this is and how seemingly arbitrarily it decides to work or not work. I’m not a computer scientist, I’m a linguist. I don’t understand ANY of this.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot. These files are all participants. However, when I download a file like the one circled in GREEN, it opens the participant data as an Excel file. However, when the participant session is registered like the file circled in RED it downloads as a “log.gz” file and I can’t access it at all. I have no idea why it is doing this or how to solve it. My essay is due in 7 days and I NEED to have this sorted URGENTLY.

All I need is to figure out why some participant sessions allow me to download them as Excel files and why some don’t. I need to have ALL my data as Excel files.


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Also just to add, I’ve tried the “download results” button on the experiment panel in Pavlovia AND I’ve tried retrieving them from GitLab. Either way, no cigar

According to Can't download experiment results - experiment works PERFECTLY - #4 by Liam_T you’ve set it to database.

If your participants use a live run link (without pilot tokens) then you should get a log.gz file but no csv. When you download results from Pavlovia you should get a zip file containing the contents of your data folder PLUS an additional csv file called Database_AllParticipants…

That is where you should find the data for all participants since you switched to database.


Okay I’ve just tried that and it seems to be working - the Excel sheet is accessible and has given me both participants who’ve done my experiment so far (there were 3 but I deleted one since this was just a test run done by myself). It’s also more practical to have all my participants on one sheet rather than each on their own sheets.

I’m cautiously optimistic but the issue seems to have been resolved.

Many thanks wakecarter!!! :slight_smile: