Participant data is empty csv

URL of experiment: Haley Kragness / Puppy In The Park · GitLab

Description of the problem: I have my experiment set to save data for incomplete experiments. Today we scheduled a participant who participated at 15:30, which is consistent with the “15h31” timestamp in the csv filename under “data”. Also, a credit was consumed approximately 15 minutes later, which appears to match up with the duration of the experiment. The logfile associated with this participant, however, is empty.

I double-checked that I have the data recording after every routine, and it looks like I do. I also tried “exiting” the experiment early myself (although the participant reports they did NOT do this), and found that the data appear to be properly recorded (the logfile at 16h32).

Any ideas what might be happening here?

As an update to this, I asked several people to run through the experiment for me and to stop and exit at various points throughout the experiment. Their data was always saved as expected. Everyone (including the original participant, with whom we were Skyping while they did the experiment) was using Chrome. Given that they don’t seem to have done anything odd or used a weird browser, I’m not sure where to even begin to troubleshoot this.

Hi there,

Did the participants report seeing the green “thankyou” message before closing their browser window?

There’s a couple of pointers in why data could be missing here Missing data file - #4 by Becca

Thanks @Becca ! The post you linked is super useful. I feel pretty confident that they wouldn’t have closed before the green box popped up but I cannot recall with 100% certainty. That does seem like the most likely option compared to the others, though.

We will explicitly instruct them to wait for the green box and see what happens with the next few participants. Thanks!