Blank csv data after experiment

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Apparently, my experiments merged a bit weirdly. The link that my participant used worked perfectly. However, the data registered under a different name (the name of an older project from the experiment original name) and the csv came out blank. + No gz file associated
The name should have been “PARTICIPANT_Etude_sur_le_bilinguisme” but went instead under “PARTICIPANT_SPR_etude_Permutation”.

I corrected it by reuploading the link in my recruitment message (even though it is the exact same) and it seemed to work. I tested it and I hope it will work properly with the next participant.

But I wanted to know if there would be a way to recover the file of the lost data…?


Hi @Nut,

On, have you got a project named “sur_le_bilinguisme” there?

Best, Thomas

Hi @thomas_pronk
I have one in my deleted files, yes

Not sure what “deleted files” on ttps:// is, but no matter. Does it happen to contain the data you’re looking for?

I misunderstood the location to look for the file, sorry. I did not find any though.
However, I finally found the file of the participant. It seems that when finishing the experiment, pavlovia creates the file of the experiment + another blank file under “Participant + another name”.
I am confused on the reason why but it does not represent such big constraints to run the experiment as I thought.

Thanks for taking the time to reply :slight_smile:

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