Unable to push files from Psychopy to Pavlovia

Description of the problem: I have uploaded an experiment and successfully to run on Pavlovia. After testing few times, I made some changes on Psychopy builder and tried to sync. But the files aren’t pushed to Pavlovia. Instead, an error message appeared. Does anyone has suggestions on how to solve this?
Screenshot of the error message:

I deleted the project and reuploaded it. It works again.
However, the first trial of the last block (using audio stimuli), the audio is not playing (no error message shown). But the audio plays in the rest of the trials.
I have try to disable those previous blocks in the experiment. The situation above happens only when the block (using video stimuli), right before the last block, is enabled.

I have no clue what is going on, perhaps any suggestions from anyone?

Thank you.

Your latest comment refers to the same issue as the one in this post right? Audio stimuli not playing online

@thomas_pronk thanks for your reply!
Yes, it refers to that post

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Bueno! Then I’ll close this thread