When attempting to run program, screen flickers, then program terminates

I am trying to run a program that has been coded in PsychoPy by another researcher. When I run the code, the screen flickers a few times but then nothing happens, as if the experiment started, then terminated. Each time I run the code, I get a text file that contains some variation of the text at the bottom of this message. Earlier in the day, I ran the code and the experiment ran as intended, and a colleague was able to run this experiment as intended previously. Btw, I’m using Windows 10. I’ve tried this with PsychoPy v3.2.2 as well as PsychoPy v1.90.3 and get the same issue.

P.S. Text file output:

10.0092 EXP Created window1 = Window(allowGUI=False, allowStencil=False, args=UNKNOWN, autoLog=True, bitsMode=UNKNOWN, blendMode=‘avg’, bpc=(8, 8, 8), color=array([0., 0., 0.]), colorSpace=‘rgb’, depthBits=8, fullscr=<method-wrapper ‘getattribute’ of attributeSetter object at 0x0000018085C03898>, gamma=None, gammaErrorPolicy=‘raise’, kwargs=UNKNOWN, lms=UNKNOWN, monitor=<psychopy.monitors.calibTools.Monitor object at 0x0000018085C39080>, multiSample=False, name=‘window1’, numSamples=2, pos=[0.0, 0.0], screen=0, size=array([1920, 1080]), stencilBits=0, stereo=False, units=‘height’, useFBO=True, useRetina=False, viewOri=0.0, viewPos=None, viewScale=None, waitBlanking=True, winType=‘pyglet’)
10.0098 EXP window1: mouseVisible = True
10.0099 EXP window1: recordFrameIntervals = False
10.1743 EXP window1: recordFrameIntervals = True
10.3581 EXP window1: recordFrameIntervals = False
10.4587 EXP window1: mouseVisible = True

Both of those versions are fairly old, did your colleague make the experiment in a newer version like 2020.2.5? There are some parameters in newer versions which didn’t exist before, if it’s hitting those then that could be the problem