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Experiment crushes right after it's started


Every time after clicking on the run button I see an usual grey screen of running experiment, but it always end up with a white screen of death even before you’re able to see any stimulus. And the only message i receive in the output window is “pyo version 0.6.6 (uses single precision)”.
I have Windows 7 64 system and tried some versions from 1.85 to 1.83, but what bothers me the most is that about a year ago i had a different hard drive and everything was fine.
Sorry if my question is silly and it will turn out that the answer is simple as pie, but i couldn’t handle this problem by myself.


Hi there,

Have you managed to solve this?

Please could you give a little more detail about what you kind of experiment are trying to run so I could have a think if I could help.

Did you switch between different versions of psychopy or operating systems since you ran this on the hard drive that worked?



Hi, thanks for your answer.

I’ve tried to run a basic experiment, that is shown in psychopy tutorial on Youtube. But even a test run, that starts when you first time launch psychopy fails in process.
And yeah, I switched between different versions of psychopy and think of installing another version of OS now, may be it will help, so thank you again.



Is this the stroop demo ?

Try to run in the original version of psychopy you built it in.

You could also try peeking at the stroop in the “demos” of builder and see if that works - if so check how it is different from yours.