Video projector (secondary monitor) flickers only in full screen mode

Dear community,

I recently experienced a strange behaviour of Psychopy. I run experiment in Windows 10 (updated), psychopy 1.85.1 and a video-projector as secondary monitor (I’ll update the post with more detailed info on the setup ASAP).

The image in the visual projector flickers, but only in full-screen mode. If I use a window (solution adopted as workaraound) the image is displayed normally and the experiement does not flicker. Moreover there’s no flicker outside Psychopy or in the primary monitor.

It seems that the image start to flickers after about one minutes the experiment started. (I tried several times with different experiments, and the behaviour was always the same).

Any hint why this could happen?

P.S. This problem came up quite unexpectedly (everything worked normally up to a few days ago). For this reason I suspect it may be related to some update in Windows 10.

Thanks in advance.