What is this error(screen size)

How can I solve this problem?


Try deleting the size parameter; just say full-size.

Does that mean you have to enter ‘full size’ in the size[w,h] box?


this is just a warning that you requested (probably in the Experiment settings) a different screen size that you monitor has. It best advised to run an experiment in full screen. If you want to get rid of the warning and it is due to the monitor settings in Experiment setting, set the screen size in Experiment settings, Screen to 1920, 1080 (or set up the monitor right-click in monitor).

Best wishes Jens

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Hi I’m having the exact same problem as the OP.

But I still get the error:

The task looks fine when I run it locally using python, but when I run it using JS (either online or local) the font scaling is way too high and text and stim are cut off:

Any ideas? Is this an error due to UI scaling in windows?


How do you set the size of your text stimuli? What do you use as Screen unit? [1535 864] is a rather odd screen size. Do you set it explicitly somewhere?

Best wishes Jens

Hi Jens,

The warning seems to be an issue with how DPI scaling is handled: 1) I use 125% scaling in windows and 1/1.25 * 19201080 = 1536864 and 2) turning off scaling and setting/unsetting fullscreen in builder and then running gets rid of the warning.

However, even with scaling turned off I’m still having the issue that font scaling in python is fine,

While font scaling in JS (either local or on pavlovia) is too high. :confused:


never thought of scaling. You mind posting a link to your project or the *.psyexp?

Best wishes Jens

The experiment I was using was based on someone else’s work. I rebuilt it from scratch and am not having the issue anymore… thanks!