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Pavlovia font size

I’m trying to host an experiment on Pavlovia and it seems to work, only there are 2 issues. [link to experiment here]

  1. The font size, no matter how big/small I make it in the builder, is always way too large when it gets pushed to Pavlovia regardless of monitor/machine. I tested by halving the font size and updating it, but it appeared to have no effect. Because of this, much of the text is off-screen. I haven’t been able to find any questions about this.

  2. If no button is pressed for ~5 to ~10 seconds, the screen goes blank and doesn’t respond. This is not present in the Builder version of the experiment.

Just wondering if these are known bugs and or what I might be able to do to fix it.

I think actual whitespace between your sentences is causing this issue. Try removing the blank lines and resizing your text, and your instruction text should be visible. E.g.,

Hmm I tried this just now but it doesn’t seem to have done anything. Unless I’m screwing something up. And editing the font size itself doesn’t do anything. How were you able to see the text presented in that image you attached? Is that how it appeared for you?

Here is how I changed the text component for the second page of instructions - smaller font and removal of excess spacing.

Weird, this is what I tried but it’s still huge:

This is how it appears on my laptop even after scaling the font to be 0.025 and removing the whitespace as you have. On my other PC the top and bottom text is partly off-screen.

I wonder if this has something to do with the settings and units of size?

Have you synced this with Pavlovia? The link above still has the old sizes. The sizing looks right to me, even with Height units.

Yes I made sure to save & sync it before testing it on Pav, and I checked my Gitlab page which showed it was synced “just now”.

I just tested this by inserting a new test routine and it didn’t appear, so I guess there’s a syncing issue here. Could it be because I copied the experiment directory and have been working on the copied version to upload online, rather than the original?

Hmm well the link above shows the old sizing, e.g.,


Looks like only the Builder script shows any changes on your repo, so perhaps there was an issue creating the JS and HTML. Try opening Coder, and then resyncing from Builder. Afterwards, check Coder for some error messages that may have occurred when trying to export the html.

Just tried this and it’s the same.

The thing is, when I first made it, I had a bunch of data files and trash in the folder which also uploaded to the repo. There was no simple way to just remove lots of files, so I ended up deleting the entire repo, then copied the experiment directory, and synced from there. I guess this might explain the issue…

I will try to restore the old repo and see if that helps…