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Problem running video on Pavlovia

in my experiment there are six videos to show: the first three are working well, the others three no. In the experiment in the last three videos I can hear the sound but not see anything, it seems there’s like a big zoom on a very little part of the video. I try to change the format and the size in Builder but for now doesn’t seem working.
Someone has some advice?
Thank you

I think with the size you’re on the right track. Perhaps the units are incorrect?

In the Builder in the ‘edit experiment setting’ in the part of screen units are in height, in the videos ‘spatial units’ are in from exp and position is in (0,0). I try to put size in (1280, 720) like my personal screen, but it’s not working in my screen. I eliminate that size and I didn’t put anything, but still don’t working.

In height units, 1280x720 means “Set the width to 1280 times the height of the screen and the height to 720 times” :). Try something like (1, 0.5625) instead.