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Full screen resolution does not match the resolution in computer settings/wrong stimuli size

OS (Win8):
PsychoPy version (v.2020 1.3):
Standard Standalone? (y)
What are you trying to achieve?:

First problem is about full screen resolution:

I want the window size to be 19201080 in full screen mode.
However, when the box ‘Full-screen window’ in experiment settings is selected,
the window size is automatically set to 1280
720 and I cannot change it.

The second problem (connected to the first one) is about the stimuli size on Pavlovia in full screen mode:

I run the experiment on Pavlovia and extract the screen resolution to the logfile.
It is 1280 * 720.
I calculated the pixel density based on the following parameters: 29.3cm screen diagonal and 1280*720 resolution.
Pixel density (pix per cm) = 43.5 pix per cm.
My text stimuli must be 1cm large. That is why, I set the size of text units in the builder to 43.5 pixels (because there are 43.5 pix per cm on the screen).
However, when running the experiment online, the text stimuli are about 6-7 mm large instead of 1 cm.

What did you try to make it work?:
In my computer settings I set the resolution to 1920*1080.

In monitor settings within psychopy I selected ‘my_monitor’, which has the following parameters: Screen distance = 50cm, Screen size = 1920*1080, Screen Width = 29cm.

What specifically went wrong when you tried that?:
The screen resolution always remains 1280*720 in full screen mode.
The text units appear smaller when running experiment online.

Hi @elenaln, when you launch the experiment runner, what does it say in the Stdout window? Do you get something along the lines of:

227.9796 INFO Loaded monitor calibration from ['YYYY_MM_DD HH:MM']

and does the date listed line up with the calibration you set up in the monitor settings?

Hello @TParsons, thank you so much for such a quick response!

(I have just created a new monitor and tested it again)
In the Stdout window it says:
1144.4376 INFO Loaded monitor calibration from [‘2020_05_07 17:04’]

Here are the monitor settings:

and here is the piece of code where the window size is specified (it still has a lower resolution):

Best, Elena

Dear @TParsons, could it be a bug on how the resolution is being set/read by the software?

Hi Elena,

Yes, this definitely seems to be a bug… You have the correct load-out selected in the monitor center, and in the Runner it is confirming that that load-out was read, but in the compiled code it sets the resolution differently. I’ll look into what exactly is causing this and let you know if I need more info from your specific setup!