Ways to hide or change original PsychoPy file name shown by Pavlovia during the experiment?

Hi everyone.
I’m going to run an experiment, which I’ve already uploaded to a project on Pavlovia, because I needed to pilot it. Everything works perfectly and I’m ready to set it from ‘pilot’ to ‘running’. Only problem is that it shows the original name that I saved it under in PsychoPy, which is a very silly name (‘SAVEMEEEE.js’).

If I change the filename in PsychoPy, PsychoPy refuses to sync with Pavlovia, saying the experiment isn’t linked to a project. I’ve thought of changing it in Gitlab, since that’s where the files are, but as I was about to, I noticed that the name of the experiment was in the code as well (see screenshot below), and I don’t know if me changing the file names of the js file and legacy-browser.js file in Gitlab would cause any errors to occur.

Is there a way to hide or change the file name in Pavlovia or gitlab, or should I just change it in PsychoPy and sync those files to a new project?

I’m an absolute dummy when it comes to coding, and this experiment has caused me so much stress in the past few weeks that I’d rather not take any risks, so I apologise if this turns out to be a rather silly question.

Hi @Cait-M,

Absolutely not a silly question, thanks for posting!

I would recommend creating and syncing to a new project with the correct name exactly as you suggest, as Jon says in this post.

To do this correctly, it’s probably easier to save the new version of the experiment file in a brand new folder and then push to Pavlovia from there. This avoids you having to delete hidden git files etc.

Hope that helps,