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Suddenly a Blank Page without changing Project

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: The same experiment was working yesterday and now it doesn’t. I honestly have no Idea whats happening.

This is the console output.

@huppfi, did you change the filename by any chance?

I didn’t do anything I just started it again. But do you mean the Filename of the Experiment?

Yes, the filename of the experiment. If you changed that, you need to make sure the experiment name matches in the experiment settings dialog.

Yes, it looks like there was something was renamed from “eating” to “prime”.
This is something that PsychoPy should be able to deal with and if you can remember what you did we might be able to track down and fix


Oh wow I changed the Experiment name in the Psychopy “Experiment Settings” Dialogue to eating. I didn’t think that would actually do anything to the experiment. Sorry!

It’s OK. It does change things but you’ve revealed that it’s changing things inconsistently, which is what we now need to fix!