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Existing Pavlovia experiment not syncing from PsychoPy builder


Previously I could save my PsychoPy experiment in the Builder and sync to Pavlovia, and the changes would take effect immediately without issue.

Now, when I try to sync my experiment, it asks me to recreate a new project (after verifying I am logged in to the correct Pavlovia account in the builder). If I proceed, and give it the same name, no changes are made in Pavlovia, presumably because I give it the same name (if I name it something different it uploads successfully as a separate experiment, but this would mean I would have to delete the old experiment in Gitlab every time I sync my project). I have tried deleting the html folder, signing out of Pavlovia, without success.

This happened once before, and after deleting the experiment from Pavlovia/Gitlab, I copied the PsychoPy file to a new folder on my computer along with all relevant files and re-uploaded the experiment that way. However, this is of course not a practical solution, and the issue re-emerged now, about 1 week later.

Any ideas what may be going on here?


Hi Daniel,

If Pavlovia refuses to run the latest upload of your experiment, disable the cache via Network conditions in the browser console. You may also need to clear the cache when you first set this (using Ctl-F5, Ctl-Shift-R or equivalent). When you have developer tools showing you can also press and hold the page refresh icon and select Empty Cache and Hard Reload.