Creating new project in Pavlovia

Hi everybody. I’m a kind of beginner to Pavlovia and psychopy and my issue is that when I try to create a new project in Pavlovia, it overwrites the old one. What I do is that I open a new .psyexp file in psychopy then press the sync button. But it doesn’t ask for creating a new project in Pavlovia and by default overwrites the old one.
Could anybody guide me with creating new projects in Pavlovia?

This might help:

Are you creating all of these new files in the same folder?

Yes, they’re in the same folder. Is it because of that?!

Pavlovia uses Gitlab to keep track of the folder containing your experiment, so if the file has the same name (or no name) and is in the same folder, it will just update it.

You can delete the Gitlab folder in order to start over:

  1. Log on to Pavlovia in your web browser
  2. Click on “Experiments” and find the experiment you want to delete
  3. Click the “View Code” button on the left side, just above the status listing. This will take you to the Gitlab repository for your project.
  4. Go to Settings --> Advanced and scroll all the way to the bottom. There should be an option to delete the repository.

Alternatively, create your new script in a different folder and then you should be able to have a second repository.