Watch screen of participants from another computer

Win 10 / 11
PsychoPy version 2022.02.04
Psychopy on Anaconda

I would like to watch the screen of my participants while they perform my task. This allows me to see how far they got, whether they might need help, when they are done etc.

I have tried Windows Remote Desktop, Rust, and AnyDesk but regularly my screen would freeze while the participants continue with the task without a problem. I can update my screen by briefly switching the window (Alt-Tab Alt-Tab) but that also creates glitches on the screen of my subjects.

Is there a better way to achieve my goal? Or a solution for the freeze problem?

I found many questions about remotely executing the task. But it feels like a mere viewing mode might be easier to achieve?

Thanks in advance!

I now tried to just run the .py file using a batch script without starting builder on the experimental computer.

This way, psychopy content is not shown at all on the monitoring remote computer. It is like psychopy is not even started. On the experimental computer, everything looks normal.

Does that make sense to anyone?