OS Screenshots Do Not Show PsychoPy Experiment

Using both the standalone executable and python package version of PsychoPy, when I start an experiment and then do a screen capture through Windows it does not show the PsychoPy screen. This happens with a Windows default screen capture and the ShareX image capture software.

I’m away from our lab computer so I can’t double-check the standalone executable version, but the python package version is 2022.2.4.

I need third-party functionality in these screen captures so I cannot simply use PsychoPy’s functions for screen capture/recording.

The behavior can be replicated by creating an experiment in PsychoPy, starting it, and after it goes fullscreen, doing a screen capture (Alt+Print Screen). Going into Paint and pressing Ctrl+V shows the screen capture with whatever was behind the PsychoPy window.

Has anyone else experienced this, and are there are any recommendations for resolving this issue?